Market Research Respondents Recruitment

Respondent Recruitment Services by Webhaptic Intelligence experts use proven recruiting methodologies to select participants from  our Lagos and Accra market research facilities. Our team take extra effort in locating honest, articulate and thoughtful respondents. We provide exceptional results for our clients in terms of both attendance ratio and participant profiling. Focus group market research respondents recruitment lagos nigeria.

Webhaptic Intelligence recruits from a large extensive database of Nigeria. All of the recruiting staff has multiple years experience in market research and they understand the importance of their role in making your focus group a valuable experience. Our recruiters work extensively to screen exactly who you are looking for and should one cancel the night before, they are back on it to find a replacement.

Our specialty is recruiting and implementing large quota taste tests, central location tests, Depth Interviews, Ethnographies, Focus group recruitment, Hall tests, Mystery shopping, Accompanied shops, List recruitment, Face to face / street recruitment, Intercepts, Exit interviews, Workshops, In-store and street recruitment and other in-person research.

We offer:

    • Our professional, experienced in-house recruitment interviewers
    • Local and African recruitment
    • Both random recruiting as well as calling from client-provided lists
    • Use of Webhaptic’s proprietary participant databases
    • Daily status updates

Whether under tight deadlines or complex specifications, Webhaptic has a reputation for locating quality respondents in Lagos and Accra. We maintain a comprehensive computerized database to recruit consumer or business-to-business respondents.

Whether your project calls for larger or smaller groups, or individual interviews, we can achieve your recruitment needs. Our team ensures that the quality of our recruiting through structured screening and selection processes and, importantly, we treat your customers with our high standard of professional courtesy and respect.

We have over 300 amazing fully trained recruiters all over the Nigeria and Ghana so please just contact us for further information or a quote.