Webhaptic Intelligence is an independent full-service market research and evidence-based consulting firm. We provide qualitative and quantitative research services to organizations seeking to understand Africa.

Real Time Insights

Focus Group Facility

Webhaptic Intelligence is the trusted full service market research firm in Africa and evidence-based consulting firm

Our focus group facility is a social, creative and technologically advanced space that delivers an atmosphere for respondents to express their mind. We offer large conference room, spacious client viewing, video streaming and a professional team of hostesses to support your project. Our facilities are open to research agencies, independent moderators and companies.

Research Services

full service market research firm nigeria

Full Service Market Research Firm Nigeria offering:

  • Focus Group Facilities and Recruitment
  • Quantitative Research and Data Services
  • Qualitative Research
  • Multi-Mode Research
  • Moderator Services
  • Analysis Reporting and Analytic Services
  • In-person intercepting and data collection
  • Mobile Research