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Webhaptic Intelligence is the leading market research Africa. We work  proactively to address clients’ increasing need for market research in Africa by successfully applying our high standards for quality  to the marketplace. As  one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest market research agencies in Africa specialising in both qualitative and quantitative research, we conduct over quantitative interviews and qualitative sessions in 10 African countries.

Companies based both in Africa, and on the international stage, rely on Webhaptic Intelligence for their market insight. We are keenly familiar with the nuances of various cultures and takes these into account when selecting the methodologies that meet both the customer’s and the client’s needs. The combination of local market understanding, hands-on global research experience, and Webhaptic Intelligence’s commitment to surpassing client expectations ensures the successful completion of market research projects in Africa.

Webhaptic Intelligence offers the same qualitative, quantitative and consulting services in all African markets we serve. When you use Webhaptic Intelligence to manage your market research across African markets, you communicate and coordinate with one firm, a firm that thoroughly understands your l needs and strategic objectives.

Our local market partners provide access to facilities in each major, regional area of Africa. These carefully selected partners provide local interviewers and project staff who ensure proper adaptation of market research Africa methodologies to local market conditions and cultural issues.

Webhaptic Intelligence, in concert with our regional partners, has the capability for full-service global market research and business consulting. Depending upon local market conditions, Webhaptic Intelligence has expertise in employing the following data collection methods in African markets:

  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews)
  • Telephone (traditional pen and paper)
  • Personal intercept
  • Qualitative (Focus Groups, one-on-ones)
  • Business to Business executive interviews
  • Mail (both government and courier services)
  • Central location personal interviews
  • CAMMPI (Computer Assisted Multi-Media Interviews)

Webhaptic Intelligence can conduct market research in North, East, West and South of Africa.

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