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As we are fully aware of the various challenges of gathering market research data in Africa, we have clearly and fairly set for our research team the following  professional research standards and approach:


Stage 1 Understanding the Research Project Objective
Meeting with the client and preparing a research proposal
Stage 2 Fieldwork
Personal involvement in briefing/ debriefing of interviewers
Clients are encouraged to attend briefing and observe interviews in the field
Stage 3 Quality Control
Compulsory training for all new interviewers
Compulsory attendance at all project briefings.
20% of all interviews witnessed or separately recalled by Team Supervisors.
Additional 10% of interviews verified by in depended QC checkers
Stage 4 Editing/Coding, Data processing, Design & Analysis
100% editing and coding of questionnaires.
Design of code frame with inputs from client.
Testing tabulation specifications, to eradicate all bugs.