Welcome to the Webhaptic Intelligence Research participant application form. We are currently looking for all audiences: Consumers, Health Care Professionals and Executives. We do a number of different studies and projects ranging from online discussion boards and focus groups to in home interviews and taste tests. AND we always compensate you for your time and participation.

We give gifts for all of our research as well as cash honorarium, as a token of our appreciation.

Our clients are often looking for very specific respondents, so don’t be disappointed if we do not call you right away. As soon as an appropriate opportunity presents itself, we will be in touch.

As always, our projects are FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and are not a solicitation for business or an attempt to sell you anything.

Please take a few minutes to complete your basic profile, which we will use to start targeting research invitations tailored to your interests and location.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in one of our paid research events very soon.