Webhaptic Intelligence conducts market researches in countries across Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Africa. Quantitative and qualitative surveys are implemented according to the needs of the client, such as to get a picture of consumer trends, product receptivity, and utilization in various national markets, and to assess new product development and customer satisfaction levels for each market.

When it comes to market research in Africa, an understanding of the national or regional characteristics and language of a country is indispensable from the survey planning and design stage.

Webhaptic Intelligence offers one-stop solutions for these problems. The specialized consultants at Webhaptic Intelligence offer comprehensive services, from survey planning and design to data collection, analysis, and reports, all handled in English.

Listening attentively to the client’s wishes, we offer suggestions from the unique perspective of the target country or region in order to provide the most appropriate market research to achieve the goals of the survey.