Focus Group Research Services

Webhaptic Intelligence provides quality focus group research services in Nigeria. Focus group research can be an effective tool for manufacturers, advertising agencies, service providers, political parties and nonprofit organizations whose success depends upon successfully meeting the needs of a target audience.

Focus groups usually consist of eight to twelve individuals carefully selected by Webhaptic Intelligence to represent the client’s target audience. Webhaptic Intelligence conducts every aspect of the research project, from recruiting the participants to moderating the focus group to analyzing the results and delivering them to you.

The sessions, which typically last up to two hours, are held at Webhaptic Intelligence focus group facility in Lagos, Nigeria. The client may view the sessions in progress, and each session is recorded so that results may be carefully studied. The specific insight gained through a focus group offers Webhaptic Intelligence clients a powerful tool for developing or enhancing products, services, strategies or messages that address their market’s distinctive needs. Focus groups offer a unique opportunity to explore questions on a deeper level than other research tools allow, which is why they are often used in conjunction with quantitative research.

The objective of a Webhaptic Intelligence focus group is simple: to provide clients with the best results possible from a selected group of individuals from the client’s target audience or market. Our focus groups explore the opinions, preferences and attitudes of that market.

Partner with Webhaptic Intelligence for custom research from start to finish including in-house research design, moderation, data analysis and report preparation. Or if you are already partnered with a research vendor connect with us to utilize our recruiting, facilities or Africawide field management capabilities. We know your audience, we know how to reach it, and we know how to deliver the results that will make your project a success.

Focus Group Research Process

  • Discussion guidelines for participators, developed with the aid of the focus group moderator.
  • Advance screening is used to find and recruit the proper people to take part in a focus group.
  • Schedule and location are arranged for the focus group discussion, and the panel of respondents are recruited.
  • While the group is in session, the focus group moderator guides the participants in order to optimize the discussion
  • Comprehensive notes are taken, including video and audio recordings.
  • When the focus group comes to a close, the respondents are given a cash incentive for their participation.
  • Using the transcripts, a report is written which includes the moderator’s conclusion and recommendations.
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