Research Services

Webhaptic Intelligence offers quantitative, qualitative and secondary research, as well as competitive intelligence studies.

Quantitative Market Research
Webhaptic Intelligence provides quantitative research services to meet the needs of any organization. Our experts are well-versed in translation, research design, briefing, interview execution,  data collection, analysis and interpretation of results in the context of various African languages and cultures. We deliver reliable, measurable and accurate data.

We offer Face to Face Interviewing, Paper And Pencil Interviewing (PAPI), Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), Central Location Test (CLT), Computer-Aided Web Interview (CAWI ), Computer Assisted Self Interviewing (CASI), Web Assisted Personal Interviewing WAPI), Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing (TAPI), Smartphone Assisted Personal Interviewing (SAPI), Observational & Registration Studies.

Qualitative Market Research
Webhaptic Intelligence’s qualitative research supports both business-to-business and consumer studies. Our qualitative experts are experienced in both in-depth interviews and online qualitative studies. We draw out appropriate information from them through our B2B, B2C, C-Level executives and large scale consumer interviews. Our team creates solutions that deliver real insight that can be turned into action.

We offer Focus Group Discussions, Triads / Dyads, Mystery Shopping, Research Facility Rental, In-depth interviews, Shop-A-Longs/Accompanied ShopsEye-tracking, Market Visits / Customer safari, Market research locations and Recruitment of respondents for qualitative market research.

Secondary Research & Competitive Intelligence
Webhaptic Intelligence Limited takes a multi-tiered approach to data collection for secondary research and competitive intelligence studies. Our experts gather information from secondary sources; carry out in-depth interviews with customers, suppliers, competitor employees, industry experts, trade journalists to find the answers to what you need to know. We are unequalled when it comes to collecting that hard-to-get intelligence.

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