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Focus Group Facilities in Lagos, Nigeria

Focus Group Facilities (Lagos, Nigeria). A focus group facility is a facility consisting of conference, living room or other customized settings. Observation rooms are connected to the focus group setting by a one-way mirror. In addition, a facility also may provide services such as recruiting, test kitchen facilities and video recording. In Nigeria, this is called a focus group facility.

Webhaptic Intelligence focus group facility has been designed with care to provide the perfect qualitative research experience for all. Our facilities are fitted with a LED Television for displaying advertisements, and numerous other tools for engaging respondents including tables, flip charts and tablets. We are rated as the best focus group facility in Lagos.

Focus groups generally last between 1-2 hours and respondents are given some kind of incentive for taking part in the research. Groups are guided by our research moderators who often use a topic guide to control the discussion to ensure it meets the research objectives.

For those who cannot attend in person, we can provide our efficient video streaming service via the Stream Team to put you right at the heart of the discussion, wherever you might be viewing from.


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