Webhaptic Intelligence has a long track record of experience in carrying market research in Nigeria. Our team offers the following solutions:

Traditional Methodologies

  • Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews, Ethnographies, Friendship Pairs, Mini-groups, Expert and Executive Interviews, Mystery Shopping.

Creative Approaches

  • Accompanied Shopping – Understand what really drives consumer’s purchases by observing their in-store behavior first hand.
  • Immersion Tours – In-depth ethnographies that come down to street level, getting to know how respondents really live from their home environment to the places they hang out.
  • In-sit IDIs – Interviews in bars, game centers, even karaoke boxes – getting to understand the real behavior of consumers in an environment that makes research fun for respondents and discussion free-flowing.
  • Market Tours – Introducing clients to the market place, visiting retail outlets and seeing firsthand where consumers spend their money.
  • Online Forums – Interact with respondents on a platform where ideas and opinions can be shared freely.
  • Video Diaries – A means of bringing respondents and reporting to life!

If you need more information about Webhaptic Intelligence’s market research solutions in Nigeria or would like a quote, please send your details and query to info@webhaptic.com