Webhaptic Intelligence Limited would like to invite you to join our market research panel. Participation in our research is fun and interesting.

By joining our research panel, you may be invited to participate in upcoming focus groups, online surveys, in-depth interviews, product testing and many other exciting research opportunities where you will be able to share your thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics.

Signing up for our research panel is quick and easy. Simply click on the link below, and fill in your information on the questionnaire, clicking “submit” after each page. If you fit the criteria for a future project, we will contact you to see if you’re interested in participating.

All information you provide to us is strictly confidential and will only be used to see if you are a good match for upcoming projects. You will never be contacted to purchase products, and your information will never be sold or shared with any outside parties.

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As an member of the Webhaptic Intelligence, you earn rewards including cash, mobile phone air timesand gift cards.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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