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Webhaptic Intelligence Joins Stream Team Network

Webhaptic Intelligence has partnered with Stream Team to join their streaming network, alongside its well equipped focus group room facility.

Webhaptic Intelligence has now moved a step further to improve on its focus group room facility with the addition of the streaming machine, this act will enable clients far away participate effectively online in focus group meetings, workshops, product clinics and research interviews, at ease and also at their own convenience.

Olumuyiwa Oke CEO, Chief Executive Officer at Webhaptic intelligence now says that with the use of the stream machine, will enable the company to provide its clients the ability to effectively participate in focus group meetings, workshops and research interviews online at their ease and convenience, as it would reduce the cost of logistics for clients that are far away, also the company could also rent the focus group facility to clients.

Webhaptic Intelligence is located at 2nd Floor, 27 Acme Road Ikeja Lagos. Websites are at www.webhaptic.com and email at info@webhaptic.com. Stream Team is located at 1 Midland Drive Sutton Coldfiled, West Midlands. Websites are at office@stream-team.net.

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