Our Moderators

Our experienced moderators are adept at managing these group dynamics – encouraging quieter and managing the more dominant respondents.

Behind every good moderator is a carefully constructed discussion guide – with flow, creative exercises and flexibility built in. Our focus group discussion solutions often involve much more than just discussion, as well as projective techniques allowing us to gain a more detailed understanding of motivations and perceptions.

Our traditional focus group discussion group offer is enhanced by a series of bolt-ons and variations which can be deployed as appropriate. Including:

  • Pre-group homeworks / tasks – e.g. online/offline diaries, scrapbooks, tasks, adding context to discussion and saving valuable time.
  • Mini-groups – fewer respondents (4-5) allow for greater depth and understanding of individual circumstances.
  • Conflict groups – recruitment profiles designed specifically to focus on conflicting attitudes and behaviours.
  • Mutual-understanding sessions – involving the client directly
  • Reconvened groups – respondents meet again to continue discussions or to provide comments on how products, services, communications etc. have improved