Our Experience

Since inception, Webhaptic Intelligence has been working closely with global consulting firms, market research agencies, institutions, advertising and PR agencies. A wide range of experience dealing with clients large and small, including tech, e-commerce, hospitality, quick service restaurants, healthcare, B2B, and entertainment. Whether your project is local or Africa in scope, we can scale to meet your needs. We have undertaken over 300 projects across 12 African countries. As an experienced market research company,  we function as an expert research partner and as an extension of our client’s company.

Our experience spans across a broad range of projects from consumer, competitor, channel and pricing research to market growth and market entry studies. Our market researchers possess a detailed understanding of executing research projects in Africa. Webhaptic Intelligence market research experience represents a diverse set of industries, with work that encompasses both business-to-business and consumer projects. Here are some projects we have worked on:

Focus Group Discussions
In-Depth Interviews
Inhome Visits
Mystery Shopping
Vox Populi

Large Scale Surveys
Survey of quick service restaurants, hotels, restaurants and caterers to find out the top five selling dishes in Nigeria and Morocco.
Online global media survey of Nigerians and South Africa with assets of a least value of US$5 million and above.
Survey of private universities in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania
Shopper Intercept Interviews 16 major shopping malls across Africa
CATI with local government leaders and local government finance professionals across Sub-Saharan Africa

Face to Face Interviews
Interviews with vice presidents and CEOs of leading insurance firms in Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria and Ghana.
In-depth Interview with SME owners in Nigeria, Cameroun and Nigeria.
Expert Interviews with Counsellors and Directors of Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria.
Interviews with Retail Pharmacists who meet sales representatives in Nigeria and Mali
Interviews with Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officers and Chief Operating Officers of Life Sciences, Construction, Luxury Goods, Manufacturing, Financial Services Professional Services companies in Nigeria and South Africa.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups with consumers of international brand of spirits and premium brands of beer in Nigeria.
Focus group study among adolescents in Nigeria.
Interaction with male users of washing powder in Nigeria.

Mystery shopping
Mystery shopping study to evaluate service quality of sales force in Nigeria and Ghana

Respondents Recruitment
Recruitment of patients on insulin, and some caregivers of insulin users in South Afria, Kenya and Nigeria

Customized Market Reports Preparation
Annual Nigerian Soft Drinks and Beer Market Report.
Africa’s Savory Ingredients Market Report.
Market assessment for CPG usage in Nigeria.
Ghana’s Bottled Water Industry.

Product Retrieval
Retrieval of dish washing, hair & skincare products from Nigeria.
Retrieval of laundry powder samples in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Serria Leone.
Toothpaste in sachets retrieval in Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria.

Market Entry Studies
Strategic market entry and partner selection research in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Investigation into malt glass bottle refund system in Nigeria.
Market potential study for a goat fattening farm in Lagos, Nigeria
Evaluation of the market potential for on entering the savory snacks category in Nigeria, Cameroun, Ghana, Cote d’voire .

Ethnography Studies
Ethnography Study of consumer journeys accompanied beer drinking occasions in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra Ghana.
In-depth qualitative research study on Nigerian, Liberian consumer’s needs.